In consideration of the opportunity to vend in the Georgetown Square Farmers Market, Fort Wayne, Indiana, (hereafter referred to as “The Market”) and the Vendor (hereafter referred to as “The Vendor) by checking agreement on page one agrees to the following terms and policies:

1. Times/Dates of Operations - Thursday June 16th through Thursday, September 15th, 2016.

2. 4:00pm to 7:00pm Every Thursday.

3. Vendors may begin setting up at 3pm or one hour before market opens.

4. Any vendor selling food items must hold all appropriate licenses as required by the City, County or State. Any vendor selling processed foods or beverages is responsible for compliance with all laws or regulations and must adhere to all packaging, labeling and sampling of such goods in guidelines set forth by the Allen County Board of Health.

5. Vendors will be provided an assigned space. Location of the display space will be at the discretion of Market.

6. All Vendors must dress appropriately and shoes and shirts are required.

7. No animals (Except work animals) are allowed in the Market Vending Area.

8. Vendors must keep a watchful eye on children at all times. Children should not be allowed to wander the market area unless accompanied by an adult.

9. The Vendor is solely responsible for any damages resulting from sale of unsound or unsafe goods. The Market Master is authorized to require a Vendor to immediately remove any low quality merchandise or any mis-packaged merchandise and may remove a Vendor for any violation of these agreements.

10. All trash must be disposed of prior to the close of the market and Vendor agrees to keep their space in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. The parking lot must be left as it was found prior to the market. Absolutely NO use of Georgetown Square Dumpsters are allowed: $500 fine.

11. Market and Georgetown Square reserve the right to determine the products sold to protect the integrity of the market and the merchants who lease regular business space from Georgetown.

12. Georgetown Square or the Georgetown Farmers Market is not responsible for accidents or injury to Vendors or Customers during operation of the Farmers Market.

13. All vendors and invitees are on the premises at their own risk and agree to hold harmless and not bring suit against Georgetown or any Georgetown affiliate.